Important Things to Know About Egg Washing Machines

by Farrah Zamora

If you are keeping poultry on large scale, then you know one of the issues to deal with is dirty eggs. Although it is not a must to wash your fresh eggs, it is advisable as customers tend to avoid dirty eggs. Therefore, you need to know how to wash them properly. When eggs come into contact with environmental bacteria and chicken droppings, when you consume them, you can suffer from certain illnesses. For instance, coli and salmonella are some of the deadly bacteria. Therefore, it makes sense to have an egg washing machine. These are the important things to know about washing your eggs.

Dry Cleaning Eggs

This is one of the recommended ways of washing eggs. Make sure you use something slightly abrasive and dry to rub off feces and dirt until your eggs are clean. The good thing about this method is that you do not use any sanitizing agents or water. Instead, you can use fine sandpaper, an abrasive sponge, and a sanding sponge. Ensure the sponge is sanitized regularly to keep away germs.

The good thing about dry cleaning is that it helps preserve natural antibacterial coating. Some methods of washing eggs remove the coating and encourage the bacteria to gain entry. A common bacterium known as salmonella is food-borne and can result in food poisoning.

Wet Washing

There are times when your eggs are unpleasant or too grimy for dry cleaning. Typically, you can expect unsightly splashes or smears of feces. If you cannot clean these with a dry cleaning method, then you should consider getting the wet-washed. Ensure you use warm water. Never use cold water to wash your eggs. This is because cold water creates pores in the eggshell. This creates a way for the bacteria to get into the inside of the egg. You should not soak or immerse eggs in cold water.

If you want to sanitize your eggs, you should spray them with a diluted sanitizing solution. However, if the stains are stubborn, you can remove them by dipping your chicken eggs in a warm vinegar solution.

Storing Your Eggs

Sometimes you might need to store your eggs as you await orders. Ensure eggs are stored in a pointed-side-down position. This will help preserve them for a longer period. After washing eggs, it is advisable to refrigerate them immediately.

Also, you might need to prepare your chicken eggs for sale. Make sure you check with the local poultry extension offices to understand the required cleaning and safety procedures. After washing your chicken eggs, you should store them in racks or cartons. You can moisten them with cooking oil. This gives them an appealing shine that can prolong their shelf-life.


The above are important things you need to know about egg washing machines. The idea of washing eggs is similar no matter the machine you use. Ideally, the machine is meant to make the process of cleaning chicken eggs easier. Thus, when buying this type of machine you should consider your egg production, price, and your future expansion plans.

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